You are (still) needed

Since two weeks after Katrina hit, Gulf Coast Volunteers for the Long Haul has been leading service trips to New Orleans and has made a commitment to keep returning until residents there have been able to put their homes, school and communities back together.

Each time we go, people tell us how much it matters to them that volunteers continue to show up – that volunteers buoy their spirits and renew their faith in humanity. Many have said that without volunteers, they would never be able to rebuild.

Gulf Coast Volunteers for the Long Haul is an all volunteer, non-profit, tax-exempt organization. Like you, we have not forgotten our sisters and brothers in Louisiana and Mississippi. Whether or not you can volunteer, there are many ways to help, so please join us!

Helping people clean up from the storm damage

Gutting houses so people can return to their homes

Helping people to rebuild their homes and their lives

Working to rebuild school libraries and playgrounds

Refurbishing schools and planting seeds of hope and progress